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Framing Services


Framing FAQs 

Why should I choose Picture This for framing?

Fine quality picture framing helps not only to protect but also enhance the aesthetic value of artwork.

Picture This offers a high quality custom archival framing service for both items purchased from our collection and client’s own pieces.  We offer a wide selection of frames, from classic European frames to modern contemporary styles; providing clients with framing solutions to compliment any style of artwork and interior design.  A large selection of mounting cards and glazing options are also available. 

As a vintage map, collectible poster, photography and prints dealer who offers a framing service, we at Picture This have attained years of experience in handling delicate and rare pieces of art.  Our skilled craftsmen and artisans ensure framing is undertaken in a safe and protective environment under which each frame is finished to the highest quality.

Can framing help to conserve and protect my artwork?

The techniques and materials used at Picture This are designed to preserve and protect your artwork.  Quality archival framing acts as a barrier to protect your artwork from harmful settings such as moisture, smoke, acidic fumes, UV rays and other detrimental conditions.

The conservation materials including mounting cards, backing boards and tapes used by Picture This are acid-free and therefore able to prevent the natural acidity found in paper from fading colours and deteriorating artwork.

What type of items can Picture This frame?

Aside from the obvious paper collectibles such as prints, photos, posters, watercolours, and oil paintings, our staff and framing craftspeople have handled a vast array of artworks made from a wide variety of materials. We understand and appreciate that every piece of art requires individual evaluations and solutions for the most suitable framing options.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss framing possibilities.

What Glazing options are available at Picture This?

At Picture This we understand each artwork will have individual requirements.  For regular, simple framing jobs, we can offer standard regular glass.  For other, more specific needs, glass or Perspex which has UV-filtering function is available.  UV-protective glass/ Perspex can help maintain artwork’s original colours and condition, safeguarding it from harmful damage caused by UV rays.  Various non-reflective glazing options are also available.

What does framing at Picture This tend to cost?

The cost for most framing jobs we undertake for clients range between hundreds of dollars Hong Kong to $10,000.  Cost will vary according to the size of the item and the type of frame, mount, and glazing required; however, we at Picture This are sensitive to the fact that most people do not want their cost of framing to exceed the cost of the item itself.  Feel free to drop into our Gallery for a free consultation and a mock up of what your item may look like after framing.

How long will framing take?

The normal turnaround time for framing most items at Picture This is 10 days to 3 weeks.  If you need things framed more urgently, please call us and discuss.

Where are you located?

Both our gallery and shop are conveniently located in Central.  Please feel free to drop into either of our locations to view samples of frames and mounting options available or bring in your artwork if you would like a free consultation and mock up of how your pieces may look like after framing.